A beautiful poem from my friend Valarie Kaur on how to see and respond to this moment in America: 

"This future is dark.
But what is this darkness is not the darkness of a tomb, 
but the darkness of the womb.
What if our America is not dead
But a country still waiting to be born?
What if the story of American is one long labor?
What if all the mothers who came before us, who survived genocide
and occupation, slavery, and jim crow, political oppression and sexual assault are standing behind us now?
What if this is the time of our great transition?
Remember the wisdom of the midwife: breathe. Then: push.
Because if we don’t push, we die. If we don’t push, our nation will die. 
There is a warrior in each of us, and whether on the birthing table or the battleground, we need each other.
Together we are brave, and together, our #revolutionarylove
yours and mine, is our greatest moral resistance."

The poem is modified from a portion of her powerful remarks at an event for the National Moral Revival Poor People's Campaign . If you've got 6 minutes, the entire thing is worth a watch. She is brilliant.