A few months ago a group of friends were sitting in a living room talking about the current state of our world. It was clear to many of us that even though watching mainstream news will have you feeling like all hope is lost, like everything is getting worse and nothing can be done or is being done to fix it, we know the truth: That there is an awakening happening. A resistance. A movement of activists and artists and creators from all walks of life who are using their voices and their work to disrupt the status quo and make the world better - right this very moment. 

And we wanted to show it. 

Those friends - Rosario Dawson, dream hampton, Sean Carrasso, Wendy Carrillo, myself and so many others, came together with a simple idea: Let's sit down together every Sunday and talk to some of our "peoples" - the ones who may not be on mainstream news every day, who may not have household names (or if they do, they probably don't get to talk about their politics much), the ones who are on the front lines of changing America. 

The result was My Peoples.  

What started off as a little experiment among friends - a live event in the historic Mack Sennet Studios in Los Angeles that we decided to livestream - turned into an underground talk show that I had the pleasure of hosting for its first six episodes (Season 1). People from all walks of life from various parts of the world tuned in and something magical began...


When I shared with people in other parts of my life that I would be hosting a political talk show, their first thought was "Wait! I thought you didn't "do" politics anymore! Isn't that your old life? What about your brand???

Well here's the truth. 

If you follow my work or connected with me not because of my social critique but because you are interested in the art and power of storytelling, generational analysis, or passionate, inspirational talk about faith, identity, purpose and growth - this show may not be for you. And that's ok. It pushes boundaries. It says things that you may not have heard before. It gives voice to people who have been so marginalized for so long that seeing them center stage, speaking their truth (as powerfully and beautifully as they have always done), about justice and freedom and economics and protest may be a new experience for you. 

But we are living in a historic moment. And, it is my belief, that the only way we will really change the world is to tear down the walls that separate the different parts of who we are and access our full power. Whether we acknowledge it at all times and in all space or not, we truly are spiritual, creative, sexual, social, cultural, and political beings. And if we spend our time talking about love and purpose and story and growth in our individual lives (as I do so much with my clients and internet family) why not also talk about what those things look like in our communities and world? 

Why not really, fully use our wishbone, our jawbone and our backbone? And why not now? 

Don't know what I'm talking about when I reference those three bones? Check out two of my favorite clips from the show below. And be inspired to push your own personal boundaries, wherever or whatever they may be, to speak up and stand up for what you believe in. The time is now.