PSA: You don't have to travel all the time, work from home, be on TV, work for a "cause", run an innovative business or lead [what looks like] a cool, independent life that revolves around nothing but your passions to still 1. make a difference 2. be special 3. walk in your purpose. And I HATE the cultural narrative that makes you feel like you do. I love that so many of you find my life and the lives of some of my friends inspiring (according to a lot of the messages I get) but in case that inspiration ever makes you feel less than - because social media is really good at that - just a reminder: Your lives are inspiring too. To me. To your parents. To your children. To people who you may not even know. You take care of your families. You help people. You brighten someone's day. You lead from the heart. You give. You work hard. You're smart. You're creative. You're talented. You're growing. And you add something to the world. Period. Don't get sucked into this Fast Company narrative that jetsetting "entrepreneurs" and so-called "dream followers" make the world go 'round. That's hype. We are all necessary. Please appreciate yourself no matter what your 9-5 is. And know that if I had a magazine, you would beyond the shadow of a doubt, be on the cover.