"Um, how much do you charge to speak?"

That was the question a woman asked me after I walked off the stage keynoting at PopTech in 2009. At that point, I didn't even realize that some people make a living off of speaking. I'd already been speaking for two years on college campuses all over the country, running a national youth engagement organization. And had been speaking in churches my entire life. All for free. And so, I didn't have an answer. For me daughter, it had always just been one more way to touch people and spread important messages that I was lucky enough to be good at. I thought of it soley as a tool to pass on the lessons that I had learned about my field, share the stories of people who were deserving of much more attention that myself and offer the insights that I had pulled from my work in the hopes that they could help someone else do better or be better.

Since that time I have appeared on stages all over the world.

keynoting and moderating important conversations about youth culture, social impact, the power of story, and trying to craft a life of value and meaning in this crazy world. And while I do now have a much better answer about how much I charge (thanks to that woman who ended up becoming my very first agent at Leigh Bureau), I still speak with two core principles in mind: 

  1. I speak to draw attention to the people, stories and ideas that can tangibly make the world better. 
  2. I am myself. At all times and in all things. The audience my change and the messages may very, but I speak from the heart. No exceptions. 

If you're looking for someone whose sole purpose in life is to create smart, effective conversations that bring about change and who has spent nearly a decade with young dreamers and doers in all sectors who are transforming their lives and making the world better, let's talk.