In my life as a professional speaker and media trainer, I’ve discovered that one of the biggest roadblocks that stops people from moving to the next level is often their inability to talk about what they do, want, believe or know as passionately and clearly as they do, want, believe or know it. It’s that single skills gap that can make you feel inadequate, nervous, and ultimately, disappointed that you weren’t able to powerfully communicate something that mattered to you and get the outcome (or respect) that you deserve.

Learning how is not about a bunch of standard rules and tricks for “sounding good” and “public speaking”. Nope. In my work, it’s all about about finding your unique voice and being able to use it effectively. We’ll cover:

We'll cover: 

  • using what is special about your voice to your advantage

  • what does confidence really mean

  • crafting an authentic message

  • knowing your “audience”

  • identifying the goals of your communication

Whether you are looking to prepare for some public speaking or just want to feel more confident speaking in any setting - on job interviews, in the media, at work, at school, launching your business, etc. - this unique interactive class is for you.