Be honest. 

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and get the nagging feeling that you’re supposed to have a prettier, more picture-perfect life? Ever look at Fast Company and feel like you were supposed to have somehow created an app, saved the forest, shot a documentary and made a million dollars all by the age of 21?  Or do you ever read the news and secretly fear that your options and future are limited by something beyond your control - the economy, your background, your finances, race, gender, or any other [fill in the blank reason]?

This 2 hour seminar will use my original Fantasty, Fact, Truth methodology to help you get the clarity and the confidence to stop believing societal narratives about yourself and start living your life based on a true story.

We'll cover: 

  • The danger of inspiration overload

  • Influence vs. Control

  • Discovering your identity

  • Writing your own life story